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GPO Box 1104
Company Size: Medium Firm (11 – 50 FTE)
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Procure was established in 2005 as a specialist probity, governance and procurement advisory consultancy and has undertaken over 1,000 separate engagements with more than 100 entities.

Services are predominantly provided to federal and state government agencies, local councils and related organisations.


GPO Box 1104
1300 559 385


Probity | Procurement Operations and Support | Procurement Recruitment and Resourcing | Procurement Strategy and Leadership |
  • The range of procurement advisory services offered by Procure include:

    Manage Procurement Processes
    Assisting with any or all stages of a procurement life cycle from defining the need, going to market, evaluating proposals, negotiating a contract and managing a contract.

    Audit Procurement Processes
    As a health check activity or in response to a complaint, Procure can review completed procurement processes to ensure compliance with required policies and procedures, and identify any opportunities for improvement to achieve best practice.

    Supplement your Procurement Capacity
    If your agency has a temporary capacity issue, Procure can provide short to medium term resources on a part-time or full-time basis to supplement capacity in conducting procurements.

    Review and Reform
    Whether it is to review a discreet aspect of your procedures, update templates or create a procurement function from scratch, Procure can draw on our exceptional experience and template base to create best practice procedures.

    Procurement Accreditations
    Having completed a number of accreditation assessment engagements with the Office of Finance, Procure are well positioned to both conduct the accreditation of agencies or assist agencies in preparing for procurement accreditation.