How Do New Clients Find You?

We’re a New Advertising Platform – Dedicated to Procurement and Supply Chain Professionals

A targeted and specific professional business directory dedicated solely to Procurement Consultants and Advisors in Australia.

Procurement Pages is making it easy for new clients to find Procurement and Supply Chain Experts and our mission is to become the ‘go to’ procurement business directory.

We’re officially launching in Australia in September 2017, followed by dedicated sites for the UK and USA shortly after.

Procurement Pages is a directory like no other.

Why Choose Procurement Pages? Here’s What We Offer..

Targeted Marketing

We offer Procurement Consultants and Advisors a specific, targeted advertising solution.

As we market ourselves to prospective site users, we’re generating potential new business leads for your company.

Value Creation

A cost effective option for year round advertising presence and exposure to your specific target market.

Our hourly rate is 0.45¢ – what’s yours?

One new client generated from your business profile represents a significant return on investment.

Easy Setup

It’s easy to create your own business profile by following our step by step process… or we can do the work for you!

You can make changes or update your profile anytime you want, as often as you want – at no additional cost.

Superior Quality

We have strict quality standards to ensure bona fide business profiles which are current, accurate and informative.

All business profiles are reviewed and approved by our design team prior to being published.

Premium User Experience

Our motto is:


Site users are able to easily search and navigate to find quality information they’re seeking in the most efficient way.

No External Ads

Many websites are cluttered with advertising banners/display ads which distract from the primary purpose.

You won’t find any pesky ads on Procurement Pages.

Professional Business Profiles

You can profile your company by creating a customised, professional business profile which enables you to include the following information:

  • Company Name and Logo
  • Scrolling Banner
  • About Us
  • Office Location/s
  • Staff Photos and Profiles
  • Expertise
  • Knowledge Bank
  • Video Links
  • Social Media Links
  • Company Size
  • Service Area
  • Contact Us


Easy Set Up

We’ve created a step by step process which guides you through creating your business profile… you’ll be listed in no time!

Industry Insights – Procurement and Supply Chain Consulting in Australia

A recent IBISWorld Industry Report revealed the following about the industry in Australia:

You can obtain a copy of the report here.

Are you looking to increase your market share?

How do new clients find you?